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Runok #RoK

#ROK uses several traditional fitness tests to provide you with one single overall balanced fitness #ROK score.

The platform allows you to quantify your fitness & analyse your data, enabling you to improve each result one by one, thus improving your official #ROK score.

It is designed for those grass root teams & amateur fitness fanatics to access professional fitness test & analysis without the expense of employing coaches, analysts & more. Ideally participants will be 15 years of age & above. 

The tests can be carried out by you, then logged with us via our APP (still in beta testing). We can still complete the testing without the app, so let us know if you want to get involved now at a much reduced rate. Rest assured you don't need any expensive equipment, only a few cones, a tape measure & at least one GPS enabled phone or fitness watch to measure a given distance.

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The #ROK framework quantifies your personal fitness & enables you to design a programme that will improve each element tested. Your overall #ROK score can be private as a personal challenge or alternatively, pit yourself against the rest of the world for the title of ‘The #ROK Worlds Number One’ overall & by age group.

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Teams & Clubs

The #ROK framework provides more than just a fitness test for sports clubs. It can be used to track progress, provide coaches with a starting point to improve, schedule retesting, personal consultations, bespoke programmes, nutritional advice, tie in with individual wellbeing & mental health, parental involvement & of course overall team fitness & performance. Each individual in your team will add to the overall team fitness so you can track each team in your club to as well as every individual. 

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#ROK Worldwide Fitness League Table

As mentioned throughout and once we have proved our point, we aim to hold regional testing Day events for individuals to register an official R’oK #ROK score. See where you are in the worlds league table, overall, or in your age group 15-100 YOA. We look to hold our own regional & World Championships!

Future Leaders

We will also be looking for future leaders to carry out some of the premium package #ROK testing, a chance for you to earn part time or full time with our affordable franchise system. If you are interested in becoming a R'oK leader, contact us & we will let you know the setup.

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