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#ROK tests your speed & agility – so you can look at ways to improve & track your progress

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#ROK tests your aerobic & anaerobic capacity – so you can push your limits & once again, track improvements

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#ROK tests your basic upper, lower & core strength – so you can become stronger through easy goal setting

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Who is it for?

#ROK – is a 'Fitness Testing Platform' that provides a benchmark ROK score for individual sports people and players. It can also provide a springboard for teams or individuals wishing to track & improve their fitness, at a level typically only available to elite or professional sports.

What is it?

A series of tests balanced & calibrated through a unique ROK scoring system. The results can be broken down into each individual element for future improvement and development. They are accurate, plus they can be calculated as an overall individual or team #ROK score, enabling a simple but effective consultation framework for fitness & well being plans going forward. Take your team to the next level. 

How do we do it?

There is an App on the way to help coaches gather fitness data and manage the entire #ROK  framework.

We can advise on the testing and how it should be administered, but we recommend at least 2 rounds of testing per season so as to monitor and track progress. Testing can be carried out through 4 sessions based around your normal training or through a 1 day training camp during a season break.

Almost Ready

We are currently beta testing with some 'grass root' teams to ensure the results for you and your team are balanced properly. If you want to get involved now we will be happy to put you into the trial group & we can process your data manually.  At this stage it will be free of charge!!!

We will keep you updated. 

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How Fit Are You

#ROK proves a team members overall balanced fitness, it lights the way, no more just thinking that a team member should be fitter, #ROK gives you the hard evidence, the figures & the opportunity to encourage, develop, track & improve. Contact Us Now

Raise your overall fitness score by improving each individual #ROK element, push the percentage performance levels for you or your team by utilising all the elements & testing framework #ROK scoring provides.

Contact us for more details on how you can use #ROK below.

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Receive Your Teams Results in an Easy to Read Report, don't worry it's not going to cost the earth! Contact Us Here